About us


I begin my journey in the year 1987, I worked as a freelance illustrator and cartoonist behind the name ‘Gittu’.
·        Got an opputunity to work with popular newspaper Amar Ujalla for political cartoons, then in Dainik Jagran Cartoon Strip- Raiku Maiku, Saptahik Hindustan Column Matha Pachhi.
·        In the year 1991, created cartoons for Creative Newz and Views magazine.
·        Since the year 1997, I have been freelancing as a comic artist for Diamond Comics India.
·        In 2003 also worked for children books.
·        I along with a group of artists set up a studio under the name of ‘Gittu Creation’ in the year 2008.
·        We have worked for Diamond Pocket Books and Diamond Magazine for Illustration in GrahLaxmi magazine and Caricature and cartoon in Cricket today.
We still continue to work as, a team of freelance artists, with some of them.

Gittu Creation:

We gathered a long experience of creating various kinds of illustrations for comics, children’s books and magazines, since the journey began in the year 1987.

In 2008 set up a studio name ‘Gittu Creation.’ Then in year 2010 we ventured into the field of Stop Motion animation.

Our very first project of stop motion animation was an experiment. The project was called ‘The Wood Cutter’. The success of ‘The Wood Cutter’ helped us to take a step forward and unlike our first project we had developed an actual character. The name of the character was “Motke lal.’

We had the clear ideas about how this character ‘Motke lal’ is in his physical appearance, how he thinks and interacts his environment, his behavior, body language etc
We went step by step from transforming an idea to concept, screenplay to storyboarding then the shoot.

In the beginning of 2011 we started working on an ad film ‘Anti Stalking’ It is approximately 2 minutes clip which intends to spread awareness through humor and the use of the medium is stop motion animation. There are three characters in the clip, a tiger name Looka who is the stalker, a doe called Madamji who is being stalked and a dog name Kakkad Singh who is a police officer.
As we love to be creative and strive for perfection our journey continues..