Sunday, 15 January 2012

Making Of 'The Wild Call'

How we do it

 The Idea:
Whenever a team member has an idea, the person discusses it with the team. In the team discussion the possibilities of the idea are discussed and different approach comes forward.

The screen play and story boarding:
Once the team has agreed to the idea and a concept is developed through the team discussion.

The first copy of the screenplay is written which is a basic outline of the sequence of scenes, characters and their expressions. 

Story boarding is done based on the screenplay. In this process the characters are hand sketched along with their different expressions in different scenes.

storyboard of 'The Wild Call'

 Character development:
This is the step in which the character is modeled in clay keeping in mind the persona and the physical characteristics of the character. Accurate measurements are always kept in mind.
Once the character is finalized mould is taken and the casting is done in silicon or other materials.

 The set and setup:

This step involves creating the environment according to the concept for the characters, where they will act and interact with one another as well as the environment.
The environment should compliment the characters and vice versa.

 Expressing and expressions:
The facial and body expressions of the characters is rehearsed in accordance to the story board before the characters are introduced to the set. 

 Perfecting before performance:
During this step we try to add more life to the characters introducing them to each other and the set. The performing characters practice to perfect their performance.

Ready to shoot and animate:
As stop motion animation is a process where the object is moved in small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played as a continuous.
This step involves lot of technicalities, precautions and patience.

When Shoots are finished