Saturday, 8 January 2011

Sone Ka Kangan

We have started working on a project, the name of the project is “Sone Ka Kangan”.

The project is not only entertaining and also imparts moral lessons.

The story of “Sone Ka Kangan”, which means “Gold Bracelet”, is of a tiger who lures a man into trap, taking the advantage of his greed.

The protagonist of the story, the tiger, name Looka is an old, scrawny predator who no longer can hunt. But he is classy and he loves to sing his own praise. He completely disagrees that he is unable to hunt due to his aging.

Madam Ji
In the story there is a doe, who is talkative but clever and is called “Madam ji” by everyone.

Ghautu Bhaiya 
Ghautu Bhaiya is the greedy man, whose intellect is over shadowed by his greed.