Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Wild Call

The Wild Call

About Video 

What Is Stalking?
Stalking is a term commonly used to refer to unwanted and obsessive attention by an individual or group to another person.

Stalking can be defined as the willful and repeated following, watching and/or harassing of another person. Most of the time, the purpose of stalking is to attempt to force a relationship with someone who is unwilling or otherwise unavailable. Unlike other crimes, which usually involve one act, stalking is a series of actions that occur over a period of time. Stalking behaviors may include following the victim in person and/or monitoring them via the internet.

Any unwanted contact between two people that directly or indirectly communicates a threat or places the victim in fear can be considered stalking.

The Purpose Of The Advertisement:
We have heard though media that some celebrity and models are being stalked by the unknown persons.
In the year 2011 a Delhi University student was shot dead on a foot-over-bridge outside Ramlal Anand College in south Delhi's Dhaula Kuan.

It was an incident that made people aware that stalking is some thing that does not only happen with celebrities but can also with general public specially with girls. Most of the cases the girls are too scared to file a report. Most of them is not even aware about how to tackle /react to stalker.

Thus the objective is to make people aware of three essential points:
Understand what is stalking
Know Stalking someone is a criminal offence.
There are also laws for this crime in our country

Medium of the advertisement:
Gittu Creation has created 2 minutes (approx) duration video in Stop Motion Animation on Anti Stalking.

There are three characters in the clip a tiger, name Looka who is the stalker, a doe called Madam ji, who is being stalked and a dog name Kakkad Singh who is a Police officer.

The characters are made of silicon and Resin as it is reliable as well as flexible and gives live like appeal

The use of the medium of Stop Motion Animation is creating an interest in viewers.
Special attention has been paid in developing the characters.
The expressions of all the characters in the clip are live like.

We have received good feedback of the clip. A series or a short film can be created. We can also take up issues like self defense, eve teasing etc and experiment future.